SANTO DIABLO is a reflection of the beauty of the land it originates from and the passion of the Juan Martinez family who have been producing mezcal in the highlands of San Juan del Río, Oaxaca since the early 1900’s.

THE NAME SANTO DIABLO comes from the folk story of a young Aztec warrior whose charisma captivated all those within its reach, just as the smoky, seductive aroma of our Mezcal does. The inner spirit of this Mezcal gets whispered and passed along with every sip of Santo Diablo. The mysterious flavor warms the body and lifts it up, leaving those that enjoy it to wonder…is this a Saint or is this a Devil?

INDIGENOUS TO THE MOUNTAINS OF OAXACA, our sustainably grown Agave espadin is left to mature for up to 10 years to reveal its deep and complex flavors. The piñas are cooked in an underground earthen pit made of volcanic rock and wood, allowing the piñas to slowly roast and release a subtle caramelization and smoky aroma. Once they are properly cooked, they are moved to an open tank of wood to ferment for up to two weeks. When our fourth generation Master Mezcalero Don Adolfo Martinez feels it’s ready, the liquids and solids are removed and then moved to small copper pots for a second distillation lasting two hours. This artisanal practice of twice distilling and using Encino wood allows for the rich, complex flavors of the authentic Mezcal to be enjoyed.